Eliminate The Surprise
Managing and saving for retirement has changed. The tax implications of your IRA and 401K are huge, and retirees are often surprised when they start to take a distribution. They discover how much in taxes the withdrawal requires and may not have planned for this amount to be diverted.
At Penny Wealth Builders our role here is to educate and inform you of the constantly changing financial landscape. We are here to listen, assess your situation and provide solutions to reach your goals. We have smart money strategies that utilize a Compounding Accumulation Account for a TAX FREE retirement. 

These strategies can help you:

Enjoy A TAX FREE Retirement
When it comes to money management, it’s always about you and what you want to achieve.  

A Little Bit Can Grow To Be A Lot

Just having a 401K plan or IRA is not the only strategy. 

As financial educators and wealth strategists, we’ve helped many of our clients craft a worry free, TAX FREE retirement.

Other financial goals we help clients with: 

  • Paying for a college education without college loans
  • ​Purchasing or refinancing a home
  • ​Consolidating and eliminating debt 
  • Protecting your #1 asset: your ability to earn a living 
  • Knowing when to take Social Security 
  • ​Minimizing tax obligations 
  • ​Preparing for long term care
  • Planning for estate and legacy preservation  
Penny Wealth Builders
David Penny is the President of Penny Wealth Builders, and is a financial educator and wealth strategist. 
His purpose in life is to help others. He has a passion for helping clients smartly manage their money, preparing others for retirement, and preparing for the unexpected.  

His twenty plus years in the financial business has helped countless clients achieve their financial needs. His major emphasis is educating his clients so that they can make the best decisions with their money.   

David has a team of mentors and professionals, with the same purpose and goal in mind. We are ready and willing to assist you to create custom designed solutions to solve your specific goals. 
“This isn’t About us. This is ALL About YOU! Your Dreams, Your Money, Your Decisions.”
What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say:
"I’ve known David for many years. David has a tremendous work ethic: he takes the initiative to set up my annual review and identifies additional needs and cost effective solutions. He goes beyond what is expected and follows up with additional resources. David provides me with both the information I need, and the time I need to think it through – before making my decision. He is a great listener and educator, and continues to update me on the changing financial landscape and any impact that it might have to my situation. He not only listens, but he hears my issues and takes a genuine interest in my concerns.  "
-Pamela D.
"David approached me through a referral , and quickly earned my trust regarding life insurance. I was in my mid/late twenties when we first talked, so naturally I wasn't too keen on life insurance...as I believed it was for older people. David showed me the importance of starting early with both life insurance and saving for retirement. As he learned more about my own business, he was able to show me how to optimize my insurance products in my business.

I couldn't be happier having David handle my life insurance, I know he has my best interests at heart. "
-Chris T.
"David is a great financial educator. He cares, he is honest, and most importantly, he listens to what my long term goals are. After our first meeting, over the course of 60 days, David walked me through various strategies, pros/cons, and the tax implications. He recommended products that could be used to bolster my current investments and grow my net worth, while protecting my family."
-Nathan W.

“Compound Interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”  

~ Albert Einstein
A Passion For Education
Free Tips on How to Protect your Future Wealth and Health.

Our partners host and online Money School webinar are every other Monday night. 

Hosted by key industry leaders, you will learn helpful hints and little-known secrets on how to save, keep, grow, and protect your money.  

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